How does NFC work? How does NFC work?

How does NFC work?

Tony Chin Tony Chin

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is on all modern phones (starting with iPhone 7 and Android phones since 2012).  The Ovou card has an encoded chip which can be read by an NFC equipped phone. 


When you tap your Ovou card on a phone, the phone reads the encoded chip and will retrieve your Ovou profile from the Cloud.  They can add your information to their contact list.


Your Ovou profile on the Cloud can be thought of as your personal website.  You put as much detail as you wish to share on your profile.  For example, links to your Facebook page or LinkedIn page.  Or perhaps you just gave a presentation and would like all participants to be able to download your presentation; just include the link to your shareable file and your meeting participants can download your presentation.


As older phones do not have NFC we have included a QR code which can be scanned and will connect the phone to your Ovou profile.

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